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Election results

Wow, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by the overall US election results, but I kind of was.  On one hand, I understand that the natural balance was somehow disrupted by the short period of time in which the Democrats ruled the US government and that many apparently felt that this was not right.  Obama was the result of years of built up annoyance with the previous establishment, and it appears the backlash has just come the other way.  On the other hand, I am surprised that so many people, including well educated and decent people, are able to blame the current economic and political situation on the current regime when in my opinion, it was clearly started long before.  It’s as if very few people understand how long it takes to fix big problems.  Now it seems we have just entered back into a balance of power between the conservatives and liberals, so I guess it’s not really so bad.  I understand that not everyone agrees with my own point of view on policies and so it makes sense that the party had to end some time.  I guess we’ll see if the parties can actually come to agreement about anything and actually make progress.  I have my doubts but I’m hopeful.


Upcoming election

Election day is coming up soon, although most of us mail it in well before then, either because its the way it works where you live or just out of convenience.  I don’t want to preach here about my political leanings to try to convert you to my way of thinking (although I’m happy to share if you ask), but I do want to encourage those who might not be planning to vote for whatever reason (inconvenience, apathy) to get out and vote.  Remember that it’s not cool to complain about how things work if you don’t voice your opinion by way of your vote.  So just do it and take the time to actually read that pamphlet that you get sent so you can understand the issues and the candidates before you vote.  You just might find a reason to be happy that you bothered.

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