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Bite of Seattle

Went to the Bite of Seattle this year like I often have.  It was pretty much the same except the weather wasn’t quite as good as it has been in times past.  We are not having a good summer here.  Anyhow, the weather on Saturday did improve throughout the day and then it rained a bit later and then it went back to being decent.  I guess not too weird for Seattle.  So I had some good food, but nothing spectacular.  The comedy area however had some great comedians and that was thoroughly enjoyable.  Brad Upton was one of my favorites.  He seems to continue to get better with age.


Bite of Seattle

I was able to visit this year’s annual Bite of Seattle for a short time yesterday.  The numbers seemed a little less than usual due to the weather, but it seemed pretty nice to me (overcast but no rain).  The grassy areas around the food vendors showed signs of the rains; they were muddy and smelly, which wasn’t too nice.  Luckily the food was good as usual and there were plenty of concrete walkways all around.  I wasn’t very interested in the bands playing this year, but I did have a chance to hear a little comedy which was great.

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