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The World Series is over

Yesterday’s news, I know.  I haven’t had time to add my comments on this yet.  I just wanted to offer a congratulations to the Giants for their well deserved win.  I’m of course equally embarrassed by the performance of the Rangers.  Maybe next year.  Keep hope alive Texas.


The World Series (so far)

I have to admit to the world that I am a real man and yet I don’t really follow sports except for when teams I am interested in are in the playoffs, or whatever the championship games are called in each sport.  So it goes this year that I started paying attention to the World Series only because the Rangers are in this time and since I am sort of from Texas (I went to high school there and my parents and many friends live there), I felt some obligation to be a supporter of that team.  Unfortunately for me that is, since the first 2 games did not go so well for the Rangers and I have had to deal with the humiliation of living in the west coast where most people are rooting for the Giants.  Oh well, the next few games are in Texas and I think that might change things a bit.  I’m hopeful, but I’ll just have to wait and see if it makes any difference.  Go Rangers!  (Hopefully my Texas friends saw this and can rest easy knowing that I am trying to be faithful despite no longer living there).

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