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Metric Concert

Got to see Metric last night at the Showbox Sodo.  I don’t why I’ve heard bad things about that venue because I actually liked it.  It was very spacious and held lots of people, although that can be a downside.  Anyhow, Metric rocked!  It was really, really good.  They mostly played their new material but also some of their past hits and the crowd was large and really into it, which meant it was a good time.  One of the opening bands, Nico Vega, was also really good.  They had just a singer, guitarist and a drummer, but they were amazing and really had a great sound.  The lead singer, a very energetic woman, was pretty out there, but was very cool and had a great voice.  The second opening band wasn’t bad either but had a very different sound, kind of big bandish, but not too swingy.  Of course I didn’t catch their name, so I guess I won’t be talking much more about them.  I took my daughter Brona with me to the show as we are both fans of Metric, and we had a lot of fun.  We were close enough to the stage to get a decent view, but not really close enough for a great cell phone photo, so unfortunately I didn’t get any.

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