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I was finally able to see Ladytron on Saturday (at the Showbox), which was pretty cool.  I wish their portion of the show had been a bit more exciting, but I guess I might have expected too much for a techno band.  They at least showed up with a nice presentation and played many of their popular songs, which was good enough for me.  The opening band also made up a bit for Ladytron’s lack of energy.  The opening band was called Datarock, a techno inspired band out of Norway, and when they came out on stage wearing their matching red, datarock branded track suits with matching big, dark sunglasses, I knew we were in for a performance.  They had energy to spare and did their best to get the audience pumped up for Ladytron, even though they had a bit of challenge with the lethargic Seattle crowd.  Not to mention that they were fairly certain most of us had never heard of them before.  I any case I was fairly impressed with them even if not everyone else was or just didn’t care about anyone else that night in comparison to Ladytron.  I had a great spot right in front of the stage so I had a nice closeup view, even though the shots I took with my crappy cellphone camera might not demonstrate this very well. 

Dan Deacon

Sunday evening I went to see Dan Deacon at Neumo’s.  It was a pretty fun show.  For those who don’t know him, he is a very odd duck.  He plays a collection of electronic gadgets and looks the part (very nerdy).  But he is a fun personality and has a great time with the crowd.  I myself had never heard of him up until a week ago when a friend showed me some of the video clips of him available on Youtube.  But he has a pretty good following in Seattle.  I guess we are fairly nerd friendly here.  And of course I being a bit of a nerd myself was really impressed with the creativity of this artist.  Dan likes to perform in a sort of DJesque way, even working with his setup on a table within the crowd rather than on stage.    

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