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Seattle Auto Show 2011

I had a chance to run through the auto show this year (last week) and see all the latest cars.  There were some really nice ones, including the Lamborghini with the flat black finish, I hear also referred to as the stealth finish.  It is really cool as you can imagine but out of reach for most of us.  There was also a Lotus painted in a similar fashion if you wanted that cool look but didn’t quite have Lamborghini money.  I got some good pictures, so you can have a look and see what you think.  One of the surprise cars for me and my friends was the Hyundai Genesis coupe which was a nicely styled and affordable sporty car.  If I were single, because it is a coupe, and I was looking for something fun but not spendy, this might be the car for me.  They really did a nice job with this one.  Another surprise for me was the new Chevy Volt.  The exterior and interior is very modern and stylish.  This is another vehicle I could be tempted to buy since it includes a little more style along with the electric concept.  I liked the fact that Volkswagen tried to create a slightly more masculine Beetle with a lower profile but I think most men still aren’t going to be sold on it.  Especially with muscle cars like the new Camaro and the new Challenger and Charger making comebacks in the market, it would be hard to impress your buddies with a bug.

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Seattle Auto Show

I was able to visit the Seattle Auto Show for a short time this weekend and had a good time looking at all the latest models from all the manufacturers.  They also had some interesting older collector cars there as well, although they were definitely a side show compared to all the shiny new cars on display.  I captured a lot of good pictures of some of the vehicles that caught my eye, which were most of the cars that I might not ever be able to afford.  Ah well, it was fun to get a chance to look at so many nice cars in one place.  The show definitely attracted a large crowd, which made it challenging to get clear shots.

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