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Janeane Garofalo

I was able to see Janeane Garofalo last night at the Parlor Live in Seattle.  It was quite the show.  She is still as snarky and unique as ever.  I enjoyed her rambling style as it made it a little less like a memorized joke delivery.  She also came up with a fun phrase, “Don’t Febreeze me”, which refers to the unbelievability of the Febreeze commercials which depict obvious actors who claim to not be able to smell the bad odors of the situation since Febreeze was applied.  Her phrase thus means she knows when she is being sold something/being deceived.  Clever and smart.  It was fun to see her.


Kabir Singh

I was able to see Kabir Singh perform stand up at the ComedyUnderground in Seattle this past Friday.  He is very funny.  I highly recommend seeing him if you can.  I also hear he has a Comedy Central special coming up so that should be something to catch.

Kevin Nealon

I had the chance to see Kevin Nealon‘s stand-up routine again recently (a few weekends ago).  He was very funny.  I still enjoy his subliminal routine he put in towards the end.  He does a great job with that.  See him if you get a chance.

Steve Byrne

I had the chance to see Steve Byrne perform at the Parlor this weekend.  Wow, what an amazing show!  The guy is seriously funny, witty, and unafraid of being a bit edgy.  Did I say a bit edgy?  I mean a lot edgy.  Anyhow, he is a must see in my book.

Brian Posehn

I had the chance to see Brian Posehn perform this weekend at the Parlor.  He was very funny.  I really enjoyed how open he was to making fun of himself, specifically intimate details like what has happened to his body with age (and not taking very good care of himself).  He is definitely worth checking out if you can.

Sebastian Maniscalco

Yeah, it’s been a while since I posted.  Pretty lame I know.  I’ll try to get back on the horse. 🙂

I had a chance to see Sebastian Maniscalco perform last weekend at the Parlor.  He was hilarious.  He is obviously a character comedian, falling fully into an Italian schtick, but he is really good at it.  I encourage you to see him if you haven’t yet.

John Caparulo

I saw John Caparulo this weekend at the Parlor.  I really didn’t know much about him before this show but he turned out to be as funny as I had heard.  Glad I had a chance to see him.  He had me laughing almost the whole time.  It is obvious he has had enough time to perfect his style.  Definitely see him if you get the chance.

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