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Adam Ferrara

Saw Adam Ferrara perform this weekend at the Parlor.  Very funny guy.  I really enjoyed his show.  I didn’t know him very well before and I found it cool that one of his jobs was driving for the UK car show, Top Gear.


Tom Green

I had the chance to see Tom Green’s new standup tour this weekend.  He was really funny.  I had some doubts going in as I was familiar with his past comedy routines, which I mostly found annoying.  My Canadian wife however is a bigger fan and she made sure to get tickets for the show.  I’m glad I went after all.  His jokes and stories were much better than his usual schtick of doing wacky things to people.  I thought it funny that he was so annoyed by the current use of technology, mainly cell/smart phones these days, as it is a bit of an old school way of thinking.  He did have some good points about etiquette however and how the youth are just allowing themselves to be too distracted by these devices.  Do check him out if you get the chance.

Tom Green

Our Country and its Defenders

On Veteran’s Day it seems appropriate to post a few of my thoughts about our country and those who protect our freedom and try to help bring freedom to others around the world.  Despite the many flaws within our political and economic systems, our country is still one of the great democracies of the world, providing its citizens a relatively stable and safe place to live, with many personal freedoms.  This is truly a great thing, something that all U.S. citizens should be very appreciative of.  However as the saying goes, “freedom isn’t free”, and I want to make sure to point out who we owe respect to for our country continuing to be a great place to live. 

The true defenders of our freedoms are the veterans of the armed forces.  Yes, certainly war is an ugly thing and not something to be glamorized.  It is also something that you could argue could have been avoided potentially in some cases.  Regardless of whether you personally agreed with every conflict our country engaged in, which is not the fault of our military, the fact is that our soldiers did not have a choice but to do their best in whatever situation they were placed.  And for this reason, we need to show them the utmost respect for the many sacrifices they made to be the defenders of our freedoms and that of others.  Yes, you could also argue that we shouldn’t have stepped into the conflict of others, but that is another political debate that is irrelevant to the reality of our veterans.  These are real people who signed up to make sure that we could enjoy as much peace as possible within our country.  And many of them did not live to enjoy the peaceful times they helped secure.  That is truly unfortunate.  Those of us who never had to step into the soldier’s shoes, we should always be grateful for these men and women who died in and survived these conflicts on our behalf.  

Today I hope all living veterans are having a nice day off from their everyday duties and getting a chance to enjoy their freedom.  I’m sure there are other soldiers who must continue to do their duty despite what day it is, and I am grateful for their vigilance.  In any case, I hope we all remember to show our respect to those living and dead veterans for their role in ensuring the relatively peaceful lives we enjoy today.  Hey, soldiers can only do so much to fix the many challenges we face as a society.  In times of peace, it is really the responsibility of the rest of us to try to help make our society a little better as we go, in honor of those who secured this privilege for us.

I also want to make a personal remark about my father, Bill Hagins, who himself served 12 years in our Air Force.  I am very proud of his service and his efforts both in and out of the military to remind everyone how lucky we truly are to be living in this country and to just be living.  He has seen much tragedy and personally experienced much hardship in his military service and it reminds me that those who survived need even more of our support and love.  It couldn’t have been easy and I hope that everyone thinks a little bit more about what it might have been like if you had to be in their shoes.  I know I’m very grateful others were able to serve on my behalf.

Seattle Auto Show 2011

I had a chance to run through the auto show this year (last week) and see all the latest cars.  There were some really nice ones, including the Lamborghini with the flat black finish, I hear also referred to as the stealth finish.  It is really cool as you can imagine but out of reach for most of us.  There was also a Lotus painted in a similar fashion if you wanted that cool look but didn’t quite have Lamborghini money.  I got some good pictures, so you can have a look and see what you think.  One of the surprise cars for me and my friends was the Hyundai Genesis coupe which was a nicely styled and affordable sporty car.  If I were single, because it is a coupe, and I was looking for something fun but not spendy, this might be the car for me.  They really did a nice job with this one.  Another surprise for me was the new Chevy Volt.  The exterior and interior is very modern and stylish.  This is another vehicle I could be tempted to buy since it includes a little more style along with the electric concept.  I liked the fact that Volkswagen tried to create a slightly more masculine Beetle with a lower profile but I think most men still aren’t going to be sold on it.  Especially with muscle cars like the new Camaro and the new Challenger and Charger making comebacks in the market, it would be hard to impress your buddies with a bug.

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Mark Viera

I was able to see Mark Viera this weekend at the Parlor in Bellevue.  That was a great show.  Mark was really funny although some people seemed a bit turned off by his seemingly depressing marriage and family views.  I sort of agreed, but I got that was just his schtick.  Anyhow, the funniest part of his set to me was when he talked about his experience growing up with his grandmother who of course was cheap and didn’t buy him anything but plain corn flakes for breakfast.  He did a great impression of the rooster on the box taunting him with a weak crow warning you that the cereal was dry.  The real surprise that evening however was that DL Hughley showed up out of the blue and performed for a short time before Mark came on.  That was cool and of course very funny.  There was also a really funny comedian who performed before DL named Anton, who had a great style, telling stories about his life that had so many parts and then came around full circle.  Very impressive.

Fun weekend

My last weekend was a lot of fun.  My company sponsored a golf tournament on Saturday and my team did really well for the mixed handicaps we had.  We took 3rd place behind some really good golfers so we were really happy about that.  Plus it was just a beautiful day and we just had fun trying to do our best and also making fun of our mistakes.  And then on Sunday I was able to go to a nice housewarming/BBQ one of my coworkers put on.  I ate too much unfortunately but the food was really good so at least I enjoyed myself at the time.  I just have to cut back this week to make up for it.

The End’s Summer Camp Concert

Had a good time yesterday at the End’s Summer Camp concert.  Our local alternative rock station (107.7 FM) sponsored a nearly all day concert with 10 newish bands and only charged us $20 each to attend.  It ended up being sold out as you might expect and that is a lot of people since the show was held at Marymoor Park in Redmond, which is a huge plot of land.  It ended up being a perfect day for having this outdoor concert.  It was sunny and hot (for Seattleites) during the day.  The bands were all awesome.  Very talented and a lot of fun.  I took my 15 year old daughter who appreciates alternative rock like I do.  One of my favorite moments was when Portugal, the Man ended one their songs, “People Say”, covering a short part of the Oasis song “Don’t look back in anger”.  That was cool.  The last two bands really rocked the most of course.  Manchester Orchestra had a great rock sound and the Neon Trees ended the show like real rock stars, putting on a very exciting performance.

Neon Trees

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