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Kabir Singh

I was able to see Kabir Singh perform stand up at the ComedyUnderground in Seattle this past Friday.  He is very funny.  I highly recommend seeing him if you can.  I also hear he has a Comedy Central special coming up so that should be something to catch.


Damonde Tschritter

Yeah, that name threw me as well.  Who is he, how do you pronounce his name, and where is he from?  Well, Damonde Tschritter is a comedian from Vancouver, Canada and he came down to perform at the Comedy Underground in Seattle this past weekend.  I have to admit that I did not know of him before this show, which I only accidentally ended up going to.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Damonde was funny and my wife was really excited about hearing a Canadian accent again after some time away from it (she is Canadian as well).  I enjoyed him showing off his greyhound tattoo on his arm, which he claimed was proof of his greyhound buslines lifetime membership status.  Anyhow, good show.  There was a hilarious local gal, whose name I unfortunately forget, who opened for him.  She had a great song to counter all the cliche jokes female comedians sometimes tell.  Very funny.

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