April Fool’s Day

I had a pretty fun April Fool’s Day, and I think my coworkers weren’t too annoyed by me in the end. I actually didn’t bug my family this year but directed my creativity towards work.

Some of my coworkers leave their similar looking laptops at their desks so I simply switched them around a little to make their morning interesting. It helps that I am one of the earliest in the office normally. Next I switched around some of their pedestal filing cabinets. That was a gag that only some noticed right away and most later on as the day went on. But the best prank of mine that day was the one I pulled on our CEO. Yeah, it was a little risky but I knew he would take it well because it was fairly innocuous.

My CEO happens to have his desk area near my team’s cubes, so it was a convenient prank. He has this really big stuffed gorilla sitting in a chair in his area. It seemed to me like an obvious target for my prank. So here is what I did. I took the gorilla and replaced it with a sign that read “Needed a change of scenery. Be back later. – Gil”. I didn’t know if the gorilla already had a name to our CEO, but I gave him one of my own making just for the joke. I then sat the gorilla at a cafeteria table located on the floor above us with a sign in front of him saying “Hi, I’m Gil! I belong to [CEO’s name] but I’m taking a break from his area today to come hang out with you. Please feel free to take a picture of yourself eating with me and send it to him since I’m sure he will miss me. P.S.: please don’t spill anything on me, thanks!”. Anyhow, the location of the gorilla was found out fairly quick within the company and communicated to the CEO. But he was good about the whole thing and let it go on as planned. The gag even took on a life of it’s own as others decided to take the gorilla around to other areas of the company. I found that even funnier. I’m hoping I get to see some of the photos later. Anyhow, I waited all day for them to have fun with this and to contemplate who might have pulled this prank, and then towards the end of the day I finally revealed myself to the CEO as the mastermind behind the simple prank. The CEO and his assistants were apparently really impressed by that gag and encouraged more fun like that in the future. Well I was very happy to find that my prank was received so well by the CEO and the few coworkers I also included in the knowledge behind that particular prank.

I also found out a very good prank was also pulled on our HR VP that day. Apparently she showed up to work and found a vey disturbing scene at her desk area. It apparently looked like someone had a lot of sexually related fun at her desk. I heard there were panties and beer cans and cigarette butts and the like that created quite a sordid scene. I heard she let out a bit of a scream as she discovered it. That sounded pretty funny but certainly was beyond what I would ever think of pulling on an HR VP, but I hear she found it pretty funny. She is a cool gal, so that was probably why someone, I assume her team, thought it might go over well.

Well, that was my day. Hope you had some fun too that day. I just happen to love having a little fun with people, especially on one of the few days designated for such silly fun. Feel free to share your stories or link to your own post on this topic. I’d love to hear about them.



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