She Wants Revenge

I was able to see She Wants Revenge at the Showbox last night.  It was a great show.  Opening was a cool band called IO Echo who I had not heard of before this show, but who I totally loved.  They were really good and really cool.  I was able to meet them at the end of the show and get them to sign their CD for me.  Sounds like they are on the whole tour with She Wants Revenge which is very cool for them.  Then another opening band came on called Kenna (apparently the name of the lead singer) who I thought was just OK, although some of the people in the crowd seemed to like him a lot.  For me, the style was a little less cool than the others, but maybe that was just me.  Anyhow, She Wants Revenge put on a great show.  I was able to be up front for the whole thing, so I had a great view and a great time.  Of course no show would be complete without at least one interruption from a rude crowd member, who happened to be standing in front of me.  He, Jeremy was his name, of course did not start out in front of me but rudely muscled his way in front and then proceeded to cause trouble as he pushed and shoved others around him to make room for his huge body.  He wasn’t a fat guy, just a muscle bound jerk who I clearly could tell had been to prison a few times.  The highlight for me was when She Wants Revenge’s front man called him out in the middle of a song to tell him to stop shoving people.  That was cool.  Of course, being the nice guy he is, he later tried to make it up to him by being nice to him and even when the rude boy later tried to shove his CD in front to get it signed (in between songs).  After insulting him for his self-centerednessand watching him madly throw the CD up on stage, She Wants Revenge actually paused for a few minutes to sign his CD I guess to again show they wanted everyone to love them and even brought the jerk up on stage towards the end.  I think that embarrassed him a little at least, although he definitely didn’t deserve all the nice things the band did for him; just the insults.  Oh well, I definitely still respect the band for trying to ensure everyone had a good time at their show.  Making friends with the jerk I guess was probably a good move as it certainly ensured I was able to enjoy the show despite having to still be behind the jerk.   

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