Political Views

I know it’s trouble to post my political views on my site, but I just can’t help myself.  Sometimes you’ve just got to let people know where you stand, even though half the people in the world may never agree with or understand those views.  Also, I’ve always thought it more useful to have the discussion to at least raise awareness rather than continuing to endorse the apathy and silence.
Iraq: Despite whether the majority of our country truly believed our mission to Iraq had a point, our soldiers were sent anyways.  So I can whole heartedly support them without feeling guilty about not agreeing that we should continue to keep them in Iraq.  We brought Saddam down, so why are we still there?  Iraq will obviously continue to have internal strife like the rest of the Middle East and we will never understand it or be able to control it.  Let’s just bring our soldiers home and stop wasting our time and money there.  I think everyone could agree that this would be best for our country and for Iraq.  Most of Iraq certainly does not want us there, so why stay?  Let them sort out their own issues – we are just getting in the way and we are paying a high price for being there.
Immigration: I would very much like our country’s citizens to have to take a simple economics class.  If they would do this, no one would continue to support closing our borders and causing a lot of internal problems by persecuting illegal immigrants.  Just open the borders and legalize our country’s unregistered immigrants.  Uneducated people fear this move because they think only harm will come to them, but they are wrong.  "Illegal" immigrants should be accepted and allowed to become legal residents if they want to.  They should be given the same opportunities we have.  Half our problem with dealing with this issue is that the laws create an undergound economy, which we pay for but do not benefit from.  We can work out the little details about how immigrants would be integrated into the economy and other systems (welfare).  Obviously I don’t support the concept of allowing immigrants to think they will get a free ride here, but I don’t believe in kicking anyone out for wanting to integrate in our country.  If they want to come here and live, they should be able to.  They aren’t going to take any jobs away from anyone.  They will compete for them just like the rest of us do and wages aren’t an issue in this country.  There is a minimum wage for a reason, at least for "legal" jobs.  There are plenty of jobs in this country that go unfilled because there are not enough people to do them, and primarily because they are jobs most Americans don’t want to do, even though it is true that not all immigrants are uneducated and will only be looking for work in the lower sectors of our economy.  But give me a break about thinking that our economy cannot absorb more people.  We still have lots of space and lots of opportunity.  It’s totally wrong to think that we might lose something if we let others come in.  Immigrants aren’t going to take away from the pie, they will add to it and make it larger for everyone.  Our economy, at least at this point, is not a zero sum game.  Immigrants will make money, pay taxes, and pay for goods and services.  Demand (goods and workers) will increase along with supply (workers and goods).  There will be no imbalance.  And country’s like Mexico that would see a huge decrease in their population (and taxes) will be forced to deal with that issue.  Mexico is happy to continue to enforce our borders when it means keeping people in their country to earn money for them and work for their ridiculously low wages.  Let’s be honest, we aren’t afraid of an influx of Canadians.  They are doing fine up there and have been much more open to immigration than we have.  We should not be worried about this issue except for the harm it does us as Americans to try to keep people out.  We should be welcoming anyone with open arms, especially the Mexicans.  They are people who know how to work and will greatly add to our economy.  And it might just shake Mexico enough to make some needed changes in an effort to make it more enticing for people to stay.  That would benefit everyone and would put a check on immigration, at least with that country.
Healthcare: I have spoken about this issue before, but now I have some ideas to throw out about it.  Of course our system is broken.  I doubt anyone can argue with this.  Yes, it does work efficiently and well, but its not right that so many cannot access it.  I’m definitely not in favor of the government running this system, but I am in favor of regulation around rising health insurance and health care costs and around doctor and hospital liability.  If we can get costs under control, we can get insurane rates and healthcare in general to be more reasonable and get companies and people alike, more willing to deal with them.  This must happen in the near future or we are going to be in big trouble.  Global warming is not our biggest problem right now Mr. Gore, its taking care of our own people’s healthcare needs now and in the near future.
Elections: Two big suggestions here.  One, all elections need to have spending limits, period.  We should no longer stand for our political system to be primarily run by the well funded while all the common people are basically ignored.  Second, can anyone explain to me why we still have an electoral college?  I thought we were supposed to be a democracy, but we still have weird rules that prevent our country from being a true democracy.  Let’s let majority rule, since I’m certain the majority truly agree with that concept.  I agree that everyone should have a say in government, but also know that someone has to achieve consensus and make decisions.  Let’s get more people involved in the system than used to be able to and let’s give them all a fair chance to lead our country.  I’m not saying that this will fix our essentially 2 party system which is also lame, but it might just allow voters to feel free to vote for people and not just the big parties that hardly stand for anything anymore. 
Taxes: Our tax system is lame.  Throw out the current codes and replace it with a flat tax.  Everyone should pay their fair share and the only way to make that happen is to ensure everyone pays the same % of their earnings.  The whole system is just inefficient and unfair.  Let’s get rid of all those people who are currently needed to help us understand and workaround the system and put them to work on balancing the state and national budgets and helping people manage their money more effectively (by saving and investing).  I would include overhauling the accounting rules for companies as well.  Why can’t they be simplified to allow some basic depreciation and that’s about it?  Companies already get away with paying taxes only on their net earnings and not on total income, so what else do they need?  Some simple guidelines on expenses should be enough (like only things that are actually paid out to allow for earnings) to ensure little room for creative accounting.  The majority of this country would be very excited about this and it would be about time that the few people who control the majority of the nation’s wealth stop dicating who gets to keep their money and who doesn’t.  
War on Drugs: Another complete waste of our tax money.  People should be allowed to do what they want and we should stop trying to control that.  Obviously we should continue to regulate the sale of all substances and people can decide for themselves whether they will choose to spend their money on addictive narcotics rather than approved antibiotics and cures for serious diseases.  People aren’t as stupid as we’ve allowed the government to think we are.  The same people who do drugs now may continue to do drugs and the same people not doing drugs are going to continue to not use drugs.  It’s that simple.  The war on drugs isn’t stopping crime or helping people.  It is wasting money and has helped to build up a complete underground economy.  Let’s make it go above ground and start taking the tax money from those enterprises to help those affected by drugs (in any negative way).  Obviously some enterprises may continue to choose to make money underground to avoid paying taxes, but that act would still be illegal and not the actual distribution of drugs.  We will all be much safer in this country as soon as we eliminate the need for drug dealers and users to have to "live underground".  Most of the crime that takes place is about the fact that it is illegal to sell or buy drugs.  If we eliminate these activities as crimes, this will go a long way to prevent much of the violence that occurs when they try to protect their trade.  Obviously drug users could still commit crimes, but it would only be in the effort to obtain money to feed their habit which efforts would not be prevented whether drug use was a crime or not.    
National Debt: All the current politicians that continue to believe that we can continue to spend more money than we make as a country should all be thrown out on the street.  We would not allow an accountant for our company to believe this nor our own personal accountants, so why do we allow our politicians to handle our tax money in this manner?  They get away with it only because we let them.  It should just be law that our country spend less than it brings in, ensuring that we work towards paying our debts.  This should also imply that we stop taking on more debt.  And if anyone needs help balancing the budget, let’s just put the line items to a vote.  Any current expense that isn’t helping the people of the country, should go away.  I suspect that over half of the items we spend money on today would be easily recognized by even the least educated of our citizens as purely unnecessary, if we could just get them all out in the open.  I can just imagine how appalled we will all be to hear this list and how easy it would really be to fix our budget.  The politicians would make us believe that it’s really difficult, but it’s only difficult for them, which is why they don’t let us know what’s on the list and why they should not be allowed to make that decision for us anymore.
Gay Marriage:  Come on – why is this issue even debated in our country?  It’s way past time that we stop thinking that the worst thing we could do for our country would be to allow gays to be married, even if religiously you think its wrong.  I mean, fine, if you want to debate the evils of drug use, at least you have some proof.  But the evils of being gay?  What damage does this minority group cause our country and what damage does allowing them to marry bring us?  Let them have the same rights and responsibilities as the rest of us and let’s get back to dealing with important issues like the ones I listed above.
Abortion: Same concept as gay marriage and legalizing drug use.  Everyone can decide for themselves what is right or wrong and we should continue to support those freedoms.  Why are we even revisiting this issue?  It doesn’t matter if you personally agree or disagree with concept – our laws should always allow people to have a choice, no matter what the choice is.  I know pro-lifers are big on trying to protect the rights of the unborn, but tell me what’s wrong with our existing law?  In general we try to be sensitive to allowing this choice only to a certain point (when a person exists in the womb).  A person has a little time to decide and then that’s it.  I think this is fair. 
Do I think everything is messed up in this country of ours?  Well, of course not, but nobody talks much about the things that work fine.  I am happy living in this country and can live with most of all the laws and policies designed to protect our lives and rights.  I just get annoyed by the many laws that continue to exist and decisions made which had almost no thought behind them and are not helping us and yet we cannot seem to change them, at least not as quickly as I’d like.  I for one will just keep voting for those who share my views and I just hope some of my thoughts will help people think a little more about who and what they are voting for rather than just accepting all the bad laws and mistakes as if we have no power to change to them.   

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